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I will be using this site to present the idea of my dissertation work for the partial fulfillment of my Master of Technology in Computer Science and Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.
The dissertation pertains to the mapping of UML Diagrams to XML documents using XML Schema.
I will also introduce a bit of my other works as and when I could get time to do so out of my job.
Finally, I will also try to put some of my future work proposals, which anyone is free to try out.


Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard object oriented design modeling language for business and technical systems and has been standardized by Object Management Group (OMG) for system specifications and design. Extensible Markup Language Schema (XML Schema) provide a means for defining the structure, content and semantics of XML documents, which has been approved as a W3C recommendation on May 2, 2001 by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since UML is a standard design modeling language and XML is widely being accepted as information representation and sharing language across Internet, efforts have been initiated to map UML diagrams to XML documents. Currently most of these efforts are directed towards mapping only the static aspects of the UML diagrams. In order to build a complete system, we have to map the static as well as the dynamic aspects. In this thesis we have mapped the following diagrams of UML: Class diagram, Sequence diagram, and Collaboration diagram. We have defined the XML Schema Definition for the class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and collaboration diagrams. We have also proposed a mapping scheme for converting UML class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and collaboration diagrams to XML documents. The rules for validating the diagrams are devised and implemented. The class diagrams are validated within its own structure, while the sequence and collaboration diagrams are validated against the class diagrams used by them, apart from validating within their own structure. Finally, we have implemented a system to automate all the above functionality using Java.


You can access the full dissertation in .pdf format by clicking at the following link:

Mapping UML Diagrams to XML document

Demonstration Software

You can also download the Java software to demonstrate Mapping UML Diagrams to XML from the following link:



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